Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Lets discuss - does Golf constitute exercise?

Pros of golf – 18 holes usually ends up being about a 5-6km walk pulling a 10kg buggy and bag up and down dales. Swinging a club in all manners of exertion ‘exercises’ certain core muscle groups and tests your control and co-ordination.

Cons of golf – aside from the price of sports drinks and sausage rolls (that’s right, the breakfast of champions), golf is also at best a periodic, purposeful stroll, rather than getting the heart rate up – unless theres some serious cash on that last putt.

I would say the decider is in the outcome, not the process – even given my lack of fitness, the degree to which I am buggered after a round is substantial, meaning my body has been exposed to certain weather elements, long walking over a 4 hour period, and some serious concentration and body movement (usually followed by swearing, and mutterings on how stupid a game it is).

Golf is a good start, encourages a flexible, strong core, and allows me to talk shit for 4 hours. Its staying in the ‘program’.

Lesson 7 - Remember the 19th hole often off sets the good work you do on the course - drink beer BEFORE the round, not after, that way you'll walk off feeling like you're ahead.

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