Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wow its been a while, and seriously since Will has come along, I've been struggling to make time to exercise. But, with the motivation of maintaining entries in my DailyMile profile, I'm back on the bike a fair bit.

Crush represents my will, spirit, energy and of course testicles as I battled the hills near my home in Richmond. Yarra Boulevard, an actual venue for some recent youth cycling comps and championships, is a serious of rolling hills and roads, in a pretty remote part of town given its so close to the city.

Other than that, normal cruises around the city and gardens and worthwhile doing.

The DailyMile goal for me is to complete a 50km ride before the end of 2009. I think I'll get there.

Anyway, check out my DailyMile page, and have a look at the maps too.

Lesson 12 - That 5th hill IS the last one you lazy bastard. Why did you quit 50m before the top of the last incline??

Monday, October 27, 2008


Well its been a big couple of weeks - last weekend and the one before, I went for some good long 1.5 hour rides along the river. Although I've yet to complete 10 rides on the new rig (sounds slack, but there are as always a myriad of excuses, which is all I am really), am alreay looking for new routes and things to explore. Must say the legs are acclimatising to the riding quite quickly.

And of course the obligatory golf game on Sunday was at Keysborough this time, with James and others. Thoroughly enjoyable despite the 7.30 tee-off. An excellent layout, with nice people and relaxed atmosphere. Would definitely go back, and hope to. Driving good, short game woeful, putting good - if its not one thing gone its the other. One day they will all come together, like at Barnbougle.

The first born is but 2 weeks away, so the blog will either become crammed with last minute exercises or just ... disappear.

Lesson 11 - Just because you are 'bombing it off the tee' doesnt mean you can beat a bunch of old guys - I didnt. It was embarressing.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The 2nd at Eynesbury

I'm never playing golf again. At this rate, I don't think golf will want to play with me again either. Played today with Mike, a good golfer (I owe you $5 for the drink mate), in perfect conditions on an excellent golf course (Eynesbury - high quality for a new course). Have you ever played so bad, you stop scoring, and even root for your playing partner to keep his streak up. Geez. ...

I've gone from a miracle afternoon at Barnbougle (88!), reduced to bunting the ball around Eynesbury (400 and something surely) - the more you play the game, the less it can advance. It is possible and defies the laws of normal sport. That's why its so unique and can be addictive when you get ahead.

I thought it would be more worthwhile to reminisce about the variety of courses I've played over the last few years:
  • 13th Beach (both courses) - beer haze clouds memories ... but good. Well known that Beach course is superior to Creek course.
  • Anglesea - kangaroos are the novelty overlaid on this good layout on the coast
  • Barnbougle Dunes - no. 1- outstanding, even better when it plays benign
  • Cape Schank - well manicured but I had (another) dog day
  • Commonwealth - Great course, but I was crap .. again
  • Eagle Ridge - too country club for the peninsula
  • Eynesbury - excellent, will be back to this G Marsh layout. Best locker rooms in Australia by the way - hotel like.
  • Greenacres - nice inner city, a bit too Melbourne Club for mine
  • Growling Frog - a trek, and needs time and water to embed, but a good layout in nice farmland
  • Huntingdale - Really nice, undervalued, and a good afternoon
  • Moonah Links Open Course - Really good, and teeth not as sharp as I thought it would be
  • National Old Course - Prob the 2nd best golf afternoon ever
  • Portsea - the old favourite, love the quietness, the familiarity
  • Riversdale - Unusual layout on hilly aspect, nice people and clubhouse feel
  • Tewantin - Never seen a greener course during 'drought' - that's Sunshine Coast - well worth a visit
  • Waterford Valley - coming together, but needs water and atmosphere
  • Werribee - don't want to talk about it ...
  • Yarra Bend - Hidden gem in the inner city
To each of those courses, and the people I played with, apologies for wasting your time, I hope the 19th green made up for it each time. That's a fair list though, some really excellent courses are within reach of Inner Melbourne (except for Tewantin and Barnbougle of course) . And there are many more ... just need to find the time and the $50.

Top courses on my wishlist - don't we all ...
  • Kingston Heath
  • Peninsula CC
  • Royal Melb, of course
  • Sorrento
  • National Moonah
  • Brookwater in QLD
  • The Cut in WA
Late night update - I wish I could be playing golf tomorrow ... the bug is back, despite the poor round. Sorry Mike, you'll have to put up with me again soon. And I owe you the Ashes by the way. Time for some lessons ... although again approaching birth of first child may make it an unwise investment. Time to just enjoy...

Lesson 10 - Sometimes lessons, thinking about it, practicing mean nothing - when you cross the white line onto the first tee, that's when it counts ... and that's when your game leaves you, the bastard

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I had a round of golf last week on the very hilly Riversdale. In odd but maybe normal hacker style, my game started well, but declined as the mind, and parts of the body went. I lived up to my 'no handicap' status of 22. Drove well, but wayward at times, but seemed to find trouble with every second shot, and putted abismally. Thanks Ben for the round.

After a very brief ride yesterday the following stats emerged - top speed 40kmh (this is what gets me going at the moment ... pathetic and unsustainable); total distance 15km; total calories spent 200.

3 beers afterwards last night - 300 calories. Crap. And yes, I drink Pure Blonde or other low carb beers - if its going to be beer, it might as well be low carb.

I am learning the 'if you eat/drink that you'll have to exercise for XXX hours to work it off' lesson. Also, I am learning that you can eat anything you want just cos you think you're going to burn it off. Legs pumping under a full stomach make riding not fun.

Towards the end I had leisure riders in jeans and leather jackets crusing past ... it felt bad.

Countdown to first time parenthood is on - 6 weeks to cram in golf / bike /beer.

Dramatic update - today I went for another ride, for an hour. Made it well into the city and back. And it went well. Feel knackered and tired, but energised. Am even contemplating some rides+run combos .... ahhahahahahaha.

Lesson 9 - Stopping to fix a deflated tyre for 5 mins is not an official hamstring stretch, even if it felt like it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well following a few weeks of recovering from minor surgery (finally got that backbone I'd been missing - now there is no excuse), the weekend contained 2 sessions of very different exercise in what was a very windy and blustery weekend here in Melbourne.

Saturday morning ride to blow the cobwebs out. And cobwebs there were. A hard slog out there getting some form back. The roads were packed with other riders, walkers, joggers, etc - you can tell its Spring. Superb conditions though and a good ride - the legs were weary at the end. This was of course followed by 2 coffees and various pastries at Brunettis ... breakfast of champions.

Sunday morning early, a round of golf with Mike down the coast. A very hilly course at Portsea, in incredible gales, a real challenge. A good even result in the end of an 18 hole matchplay with me parring the last 3 to drag the deficit back and half the match. Opened with a poor 51 but closed with a better 46 - still left about 10 stupid shots out there - topping the ball, thinning the ball, sloppy technique. Pushing a 15 kilo bag up and down some severe hills in those winds wore me out, but was thoroughly enjoyable. Again, the legs were weary. Always love a hit at Portsea, followed by the obligatory fruit platter afterwards ... did I say fruit platter? I meant pie.

Given the impending birth of our first child, I foresee a curtailed program (whats a fraction of nothing? still nothing) in the near future - 8 weeks of cramming in golf, rides, maybe a jog or two. At least the Grand Final is on, and the Spring Carnival to distract me.

Lesson 8 - Playing golf near to dawn does not make it 'bootcamp'. Particularly when you're ready for a post round beer, and its only 10.45am.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Lets discuss - does Golf constitute exercise?

Pros of golf – 18 holes usually ends up being about a 5-6km walk pulling a 10kg buggy and bag up and down dales. Swinging a club in all manners of exertion ‘exercises’ certain core muscle groups and tests your control and co-ordination.

Cons of golf – aside from the price of sports drinks and sausage rolls (that’s right, the breakfast of champions), golf is also at best a periodic, purposeful stroll, rather than getting the heart rate up – unless theres some serious cash on that last putt.

I would say the decider is in the outcome, not the process – even given my lack of fitness, the degree to which I am buggered after a round is substantial, meaning my body has been exposed to certain weather elements, long walking over a 4 hour period, and some serious concentration and body movement (usually followed by swearing, and mutterings on how stupid a game it is).

Golf is a good start, encourages a flexible, strong core, and allows me to talk shit for 4 hours. Its staying in the ‘program’.

Lesson 7 - Remember the 19th hole often off sets the good work you do on the course - drink beer BEFORE the round, not after, that way you'll walk off feeling like you're ahead.