Saturday, October 4, 2008


I had a round of golf last week on the very hilly Riversdale. In odd but maybe normal hacker style, my game started well, but declined as the mind, and parts of the body went. I lived up to my 'no handicap' status of 22. Drove well, but wayward at times, but seemed to find trouble with every second shot, and putted abismally. Thanks Ben for the round.

After a very brief ride yesterday the following stats emerged - top speed 40kmh (this is what gets me going at the moment ... pathetic and unsustainable); total distance 15km; total calories spent 200.

3 beers afterwards last night - 300 calories. Crap. And yes, I drink Pure Blonde or other low carb beers - if its going to be beer, it might as well be low carb.

I am learning the 'if you eat/drink that you'll have to exercise for XXX hours to work it off' lesson. Also, I am learning that you can eat anything you want just cos you think you're going to burn it off. Legs pumping under a full stomach make riding not fun.

Towards the end I had leisure riders in jeans and leather jackets crusing past ... it felt bad.

Countdown to first time parenthood is on - 6 weeks to cram in golf / bike /beer.

Dramatic update - today I went for another ride, for an hour. Made it well into the city and back. And it went well. Feel knackered and tired, but energised. Am even contemplating some rides+run combos .... ahhahahahahaha.

Lesson 9 - Stopping to fix a deflated tyre for 5 mins is not an official hamstring stretch, even if it felt like it.


David McQuillen said...

Rob, this is why you should drink wine more. It is good for you, and full of vitamins. It also has no calories. This is why the Italians, who drink so much wine, are such good bike riders. Our little secret.

Rob Findlay said...

Dave, another tip to ingeniously get around the negatives of alcohol, whilst still drinking plenty of alcohol. Next will be vodka-tonics and other white spirits. Summer is here!