Monday, October 27, 2008


Well its been a big couple of weeks - last weekend and the one before, I went for some good long 1.5 hour rides along the river. Although I've yet to complete 10 rides on the new rig (sounds slack, but there are as always a myriad of excuses, which is all I am really), am alreay looking for new routes and things to explore. Must say the legs are acclimatising to the riding quite quickly.

And of course the obligatory golf game on Sunday was at Keysborough this time, with James and others. Thoroughly enjoyable despite the 7.30 tee-off. An excellent layout, with nice people and relaxed atmosphere. Would definitely go back, and hope to. Driving good, short game woeful, putting good - if its not one thing gone its the other. One day they will all come together, like at Barnbougle.

The first born is but 2 weeks away, so the blog will either become crammed with last minute exercises or just ... disappear.

Lesson 11 - Just because you are 'bombing it off the tee' doesnt mean you can beat a bunch of old guys - I didnt. It was embarressing.

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